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How many keywords can you think of when you search for gay sites? I mean, there are literally hundreds of things you could write down. Gay hung men, Gay tube, gay male tube, the list is endless.

I must admit, I had never thought about writing down ‘Gay Pornstars.’ Gay Pornstars is an interesting gay porn movie site, that offers us mainly small clips from various porn sites, but there are the occasional longer clips.

At the moment, because they do update their site from time to time, Gay Pornstars has 29,357 clips to view at home, or even on most mobiles these days too. There are also various different erotic fantasies to watch, such as Amateurs, Bears, Asian guys, bondage, Gay Fetish, Latin gay men, Military, Twinks, and the list just goes on.

You can also browse through various sites from where they get their gay porn vids, and they include Bel Ami Online, Boy Feast, Boynapped, Boys On the Prowl, and Falcon Studios, just to mention a few.

Hot Porn Stars From

Just be careful when writing in, ‘Gay Pornstars,’ because, although we like men hung like horses, doesn’t mean we want an actual horse. What? I know! There is a ‘Gay Pornstars’ site that sells all kinds of breeds of horses. Don’t even go there!

The clips from “Men dot Com” are all high definition, and I decided to have a look around the site to see what would get me excited. I decided to watch a 4.16-minute clip from Belami, that did the trick. There are two good-looking hunks wearing just their tight, almost spray-on briefs, kneeling in the ring.

The bell goes, and these two are getting into some very erotic poses as they grapple with each other all over. Their hands are down their briefs, over their nipples, and even trying to goose each other’s butt holes with their invading fingers.

The blond guy gets his opponent on his back, and he tries to get him to suck on his cock through his briefs. He pulls off his opponent’s briefs, and they carry on fighting. It doesn’t take long before they are totally naked, and their cocks are rock hard. These guys have got over excited as their naked bodies have been rubbing all over each other. They start the fight again, but this time, the blonde guy gets his cock in his opponent’s mouth, and after making him suck on that monster, he gets him on his knees, and fucks him hard and fast, as he keeps a tight hold of his wet hair at the same time.

The only thing I felt a bit let down by, was the fact that you don’t get to see him cumming over his opponent’s face, or his fucked hole. To see that, and the whole movie, you will have to go to the original site to watch or join.

Free gay porn sites are an excellent way to check out what kind of sites you would like to join, as most of them show clips and not the whole movie. View them, then go to the site you like. Who knows? You just may want to join them as a full member. If not, then carry on typing in keywords, like free gay fuck, free gay sex, man to man sex… You get the picture. Go and have a look now, invite a friend around to watch with you, but don’t scare the Gay Pornstars horses! more

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The Dinner Party Part 2 – Matthew Parker | Teddy Torres

The Dinner Party Part 2 is the second part in a great new gay porn series in real HD quality that has been filmed by Men dot com team and released by Drill My Hole. This hardcore gay porn vid stars to hunky guys with big dicks, and they are Teddy Torres and Mathew Parker.

Watch this gay porn movie in real HD quality

In The Dinner Party Part 1, Teddy Torres invites a group of friends around for an intimate dinner party. Some of the guests’ appetites need sorting out, and it doesn’t take long before Teddy is feeding his big fat cock deep into Stig Anderson’s beautiful tight hole and serving him fresh cream.
In part 2 of The Dinner Party, Teddy Torres and his friends are all sitting around the table when one guest has to leave suddenly. An alarm goes off in the kitchen, and a couple of his friends go to sort it out, Mathew Parker slips under the table unseen by everyone except for Teddy. Getting onto his hands and knees, Mathew looks over between Teddy’s legs and sees that he is stroking his fat cock. Teddy beckons to him with his finger, and Mathew is more than happy to crawl over to him as he starts on the next course.

Teddy pulls his thick and meaty foreskin back, and Mathew sucks it all the way down to his pubes and all the way back up again. Teddy pushes down on his head, and as Mathew carries on sucking on his eight-inch dick, we get to see it gleaming with spit as it pounds in and out of his hungry mouth.

As all the guests sit back down, Mathew gets up from under the table, and Teddy makes an excuse and heads off into the toilet. Mathew soon follows, and as he goes into the toilet, Teddy is standing there completely naked showing off his hairy, toned body and stroking his hard cock. He tells Mathew that he is ready for the main course, and Mathew is quick to get his cock back into his mouth.
Teddy gets down and sucks on Mathew’s cock, and then still standing up, he pushes Mathew over the sink, opens up his ass and starts licking his juicy shaved hole. Teddy slaps his ass, spits on his bright pink butt hole, and slides a finger into his eager hole before he probes him with his tongue until his butt is dripping wet again.

Mathew gets on his back with a big mirror behind him, and as Teddy stands between his legs, he thrusts his cock deep into Mathew’s tight hole and starts fucking him in the missionary position. They moan and groan deep and load as they fuck hard, and after fucking him in the missionary position, they get into the shower, and Teddy fucks Mathew standing up.

Knowing he is close to shooting his load, Teddy Torres pulls his cock out and covers Mathew Parker’s fucked ass with thick dollops of creamy white cum. Mathew jerks on his own cock frantically, and as Teddy plays with his nipples, he cums over the floor and over Teddy’s beard. As Mathew’s convulsions subside, Teddy licks and sucks his cock dry just as they are interrupted by a knock on the door.

More information about the gay porn stars

Mathew Parker is a cute young guy with a bit of scruff, smooth hard chest and a lean body with a couple of tattoos. He is five feet eight inches tall, has brown hair, sweet brown eyes, and he is versatile with a seven-and-a-half-inch uncut cock and a sweet and tasty smooth asshole.

Mathew has starred in three hardcore gay porn movies for, and in his last hdgayporn movie , ‘Broken Hearted’ he fucks Jason Wolfe’s tight ass until they empty their full ball sacks.
Teddy Torres is hairy wild man who loves to play hard and enjoys rough sex. He has a nipple pierced, a handlebar moustache, a juicy eight-inch-thick uncut dick and a great body. He has jet black hair, sexy brown eyes, and he is a five feet ten-inch versatile guy who would have fitted well in the 70’s gay porn era, as well as now.

Teddy starred in his first hardcore gay HD viodeo with in February 2017 in ‘The Huntsman Part 3’ where his cock slides into the tight asshole off of Marco Gagnon.
The Dinner Party Part 3 by Drill My Holeis so good that after this, I am going to invite some friends round this weekend, and as I have just seen a new guy moving in next door, I shall make sure he gets an invite too. I am sure he is gay, and if he isn’t, he just might be by the time my party has finished.…

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Two hot gay porn stars Diego Sans and Landon Mycles at MEN

Diego Sans and Landon Mycles are the hot gay pornstars going for the big prize of the Next exclusive and shown by ‘Drill My Hole.’

Diego Sans is a hot Brazilian with a cheeky and sexy smile. He has got an incredible body with a great six pack and a hairy chest. Diego has been in ten hardcore flicks for since starting in June 2015. His most watched movie so far is ‘Reply all Part 2’ where over 21,000 of us watched him fuck the ass off of Vadim Black. He is a great top with a lot of imagination, and he has a seven inch uncut dick. He has short brown hair, sexy brown eyes, and weighs 175 pounds.

Landon Mycles is back after a two year break from porn and he is looking better than ever if that is at all possible. He is a six foot hunk with short blonde hair and the most amazing clear blue eyes. Landon is a versatile bottom and has a six in cut cock which seems to stay hard around the clock. Landon has only ben in four hardcore videos for but he has been working in other companies and he also has a big following on Twitter.

Hot models fucking

This hardcore episode starts off by showing our two horny men, Diego Sans and Landon Mycles already naked and getting ready for their shoot. They pose and play with their cocks in front of the camera and we see Landon’s wet body as he dries off after taking a shower. These two men are more than ready and they just want to go at it, but first they have a quick interview with their clothes on.

The interview is quick as both men are really keen to get on top of each other so let’s get on with the action.

Diego and Landon start kissing straight and taking their tops off straight away. Their hands wander around each other’s sexy bodies as they grind their hips into each other, and their hard cocks over each other through their pants. They are both ready to suck on each other’s cocks and both of the want to go first. In the end they agree to get into the 69 position and they can suck on their hard cocks and lick their ball sacks as much as they want to. Both men get more and more excited as they make sure that both of their cocks are coated in saliva and throbbing in their hot mouths.

Landon gets his legs up of the floor, and with his hands on the ground, he spreads his legs around Diego’s hot horny body and he growls out with pleasure as Diego darts his tongue in and out of his tight asshole.

FREE gay porn preview at MEN

Diego lies down on the bed and after putting a condom on. Landon climbs on top of him and sits down on his seven inch dick and starts to rid him with his back towards Diego. Diego sighs with desire as he feels Landon’s tight asshole clamp around his cock and ride him like his ass is on fire, as sweat pours down their fucking bodies, Diego Sans fucks Landon Mycles hard and fast doggy style. As they fuck ass, and stroke cock their cocks begin to swell and throb in their hands. They cry out with a deep excited pleasure and as they bust a nut, sizzling hot cum boils over and spurts all over their ravished bodies.

Who’s going to win the title of ‘The New Exclusive Star at’? We will just have to watch this space, and keep on jerking away until the next hardcore episode in real HD.

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